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A Beginner Guide to Infused Olive Oil

When it comes to olive oils, these are found of various types and some of the most common there are in the market include such as; the extra virgin olive oils, the refined olive oils and then there are the regular olive oils. However this list doesn’t end with these as there is yet this other type of olive oils and this is the infused olive oils. For more on these other types of olive oils as we have mentioned above, see this page. But as far as the content of this very post goes, we will be taking a special look at all that you need to know about the infused olive oil, focusing kind of on the expected shelf life of infused olive oil.

Generally speaking, infused olive oils do differ so much when compared to the other strains of olive oils. For one, you will realize that infused olive oil turns fetid a lot faster and for the best storage, you should have it kept refrigerated. It would be advisable for you to ensure that you have the infused olive oil of yours used in 4 days’ time so as to ensure that you are getting it at its finest quality.

Now, other than the questions on the shelf life to expect from infused olive oil and the supposed storage for the same, there must be other questions that are racing through you mind in so far as this variety of olive oils go and we have more on these below. With as much information on infused olive oils as we have covered below, you can be sure to have such a clear understanding on them and as such be able to create the best and most delicious marinades from these oils. Find out as much as there may be on these oils as we have covered here.

Just to reiterate what we had mentioned already when I comes to the shelf life and storage needs for infused olive oils, these do differ a lot in these aspects as compared to the other olive oils out there. Note the fact that infused olive oils will more often than not contain fresh fruit and vegetables and herbs as well and these are the particular ingredients that give them such a unique flavor to add to your salads and marinades. As good and great as these ingredients happen to be, you must be aware of the fact that their very presence puts the olive oil at the risk of contamination over time even as it ages.

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